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Brodequin - Perpetuation of Suffering CD


Product Description

Brodequin - Perpetuation of Suffering

2 song promo just like we did back in the day with Prelude to Execution!
These are limited, numbered and the overall packaging is done by hand with the exception of the CD and cd sleeve. There will be slight color variations in each of them from CD sleeve, to outer packaging etc. Some will appear darker while others lighter and so on depending on how it’s treated before it’s packed up. Each CD sleeve will have additional inks applied to give the appearance of stained/damaged paper. The randomness of the ink and how it’s applied is one of the reasons each individual cd will be unique as you can see in the pictures.

In addition to all the hand applied ink, as a nod to our historical influences I will be wrapping each of these in paper with associated artwork, then sealing it with a wax seal. The seal will be “stamped” with the Brodequin “B” as the mark.
As you may imagine the differences in wax, application of inks and other elements of the packaging will make each unit unique, and no two will be exactly the same.

For those only interested in the audio, a digital version will be available on iTunes etc, On release day!